About Me – Rupak Aich

Rupak Aich

Passionate business analyst and author. He is great when plan has to be executed. His strength is analytics and implementation. He has 25 years plus experience in various organizations including MNCs. He envisioned that business requires some methodical approach to reach its summit. When he worked with organizations he was always instrumental to find problems and derive solutions for that bottleneck.

Being a professional in Human Resource he understood that people is the only resource which if guided and driven right, organizations can touch the sky. He knows people alignment with business objectives, he can make people own the business and then job becomes fun for employee. His anticipation skill has helped business to get into proactive approach rather than being reactive.

He started Sparsh Magic with an intent to partner the problems of business. Sparsh Magic, according to him is nothing but one point solution of all business related problems. He and his team believes in response and measured result. He is also an author of two books which are actually his life experience. He believes
“Believe in yourself and see inside out not outside in”

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