My books

Know Your self and Win

– Human Transformation,a Practical Guide

Happiness is not an elusive feeling. It is definitely within your grasp, if you are willing to transform yourself.

How do you achieve transformation? Where can you find the tools for transformation? Well, stop looking outside and look within.Transformation can happen only within you. The answers to all the problems of the world lie within your own self.

This book will help you know yourself better and discover your inner strengths and build on them. It will guide you on the path of success and achievement by steering your thoughts in the right direction.

This book is a must for those who dare to dream of a life of bliss, fulfillment and wisdom.

Dreams to Destine

– Believe in You and Make Your Dreams Get Manifested

This book is about self mastery. It’s about how human being creates his own destiny. It is never luck or your surroundings which make your day. It is you who make your day. We, in our daily life fail and succeed. But this book will help us see failures as learning. The rituals of life, inner strength, our upbringing……All influence our life, but the influence which you can make to your life is all about mental mastery. This book is all about how to build inner strength. The world is full of abundance; the world is ready to give us whatever we want, but the art of demanding the abundance is all about dream to destine. Roadblocks of life are common in everyone’s life. It makes everyone respond as per the stimulus, but the ability to choose the response is the essence of this book. This book is helpful for all ages. This will bring thought consciousness. Learn fetching everything you want in your life. We believe what we see. This book will help enhance the capacity of seeing. Purpose of life is to be understood and lived. See the world differently